The Bag is a Utility Belt.  Not a fanny pack.

Tired of hauling a big purse around ?

Tired of your iPhone getting stolen?

Want to go out dancing and not have to leave your hand bag on a chair? 

Need to tend to the kids but want your keys, ID, $ and phone on you?

Going on a hike?

Riding a horse? Bike? Motorcycle?

Consider the freedom you’ll experience when you can fit everything you need in your new Utility Belt. Add accessories to carry even more items: sunglasses, flask, etc. These practical and stylish satchels keep your gear secure and on your hips while out on the town, at a concert, on the trail and at work. You will appreciate the hands-free comfort by having everything you need with you while on the go.

Free yourself.

“I have always carried everything but the kitchen sink in my purse–call me a girl scout . I love the look of The Bag, so I was determined to size down. I can’t believe how free I feel, and I don't really need all that "stuff"–just my keys, phone, debit card and chap-stick. Plus, it's sexier then a big, huge, heavy purse! “


Massage Therapist

“ As a mom of twins, I need both hands–especially when we go to a festival or Disneyland–The Bag has been a blessing! “


Busy Mother